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  • Museum of Freedom, Copenhagen
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  • The Catholic School, Bergen
  • Kuglegården, Copenhagen
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  • Ferm Living, Copenhagen
  • Architect Edvard Heiberg’s home
  • Toldboden, Aalborg
  • Amtsmandsgården, Hjørring
  • Palace on Sankt Annæ Plads
  • Bryggergården, Kastrup
  • Moltke’s Palace, Copenhagen


We have used acoustic plaster from HZ Acoustic in our own design­ studio, and have varied constructions from 20 mm in larger communal­ areas to our model workshop and to 45mm in meeting rooms.

The improvement of our rooms­ acoustics has improved from rooms that used to­ be difficult to concentrate in to, among others things, our largest meeting room, where we now hold physical meetings, but especially digi­voice meetings, where the muted ceilings mean we can actually have up to 6-8 people in the room, all of whom can be heard, and even hear well during meetings.

As we have already received several good ideas for small changes in the rooms, we are also very happy to have chosen Hz Acoustic, as repairs are carried out easily and without visible traces.

Dorte Mandrup A/S
Kasper Pilemand – Associate Partner, Senior Architect

In the autumn of 2019, we remodelled our house, choosing a ceiling height of 4.5 metres. As we also have two small (and loud) boys, we knew we had to ensure good acoustics in the room. However, we didn’t want the classic acoustic ceilings, so we looked at what else was available.

 Many were sceptical about whether it would provide good enough acoustics in a room with a ceiling height of 4.5 metres, but everyone who has been in the house since has had to admit that it does! We can feel a world of difference in the acoustics in the living room and in the rooms with no acoustic ceilings.

Private residence, Virum

Akustik loft i villa

We are really happy that we were introduced to Hz Acoustic ceilings.

We had seen many solutions to acoustics, but none that were nice, so when we saw the product from Hz Acoustic, we had no doubts our choice and nor do we regret it.

When you enter the house, you can almost feel and hear the tranquillity, and in the two rooms next to each other, one of which has no acoustic ceiling, you can really hear the difference. Even the company we used was impressed. So thanks again – we’re happy with our ceilings. Can you say that a sound feels good?

Camilla and Henrik
Private residence, Hellerup

In our projects, it is a fundamental prerequisite to work with the best ­supplier on the market. Our customers demand­ and expect this, so we cannot be successful without the good ties to people with the right attitude and drive when challenged and suppliers of the best products.

Hz Acoustic has delivered their superb solutions for several of our high-end projects, and the results are very noticeable. Most recently in the total renovation of an older Arne Jacobsen house, as well as a complete ceiling fitting on a larger listed property. Here the product shows its unique characteristics and delivers beyond expectation.

The solutions are the positive element in a sometimes difficult and demanding process. The process is always straightforward and positive, with Helge and Hz Acoustic delivering the right know-how and service to make this product easy for us to integrate as advisors, and not least to sell to the customer – in other words, it sells itself, and then we have the peace to concentrate on other challenges.

I have not found other solutions where all keys can be delivered in the same way, in terms of the high degree of acoustic regulation and finishing, but especially by its total absence of visibility in the finished fitting.

For us, there is no middle ground or alternative solution, and we look forward to many collaborative projects in the­ future.

Peter Wedell-Wedellsborg, Architect