Hz System R

The ceiling of the future is made of milk cartons

Hz System R is a sustainable acoustic ceiling made from paper remnants from milk cartons.

  • Rough plaster made from paper remnants from milk cartons.
  • Glass granulate made from 100% recycled glass.
  • Rocke wool and glass granulate is 100% recyclable.
  • Provides a homogeneous overall surface.
  • High acoustic effect already at 30 mm thickness.
  • Easy and quick assembly.
  • Can be repaired.
  • Economically advantageous.
  • Can be tinted in most NCS and RAL colours.
  • Can be used in humid environments.


Green Building Council

Green Building Council, the construction industry’s own membership organisation that certifies green building materials, is among those that have already chosen to install Hz System R at their premises on Farvergade in Copenhagen.


Donda Deli

Dybbølsgade 52,  Copenhagen.


Hz acoustic panel can be glued to ceilings or walls that are fixed and solid as well as suspended constructions of plaster or fibre concrete on even surfaces. Can be used in dry and wet areas. The supporting surface must be able to support 20 kg/m2.

Hz acoustic panel consists of a custom-made recyclable hard mineral wool sheet, laminated with a custom-made 10 mm waterproof glass granulate sheet, of which 100% is recycled material.

Panels are stored free of frost and moisture. The temperature must not exceed 40 degrees Celsius and panels must not be stored in direct sunlight.

The supporting surface must be dry, free of grease and loose substances. Loose plaster, chalking and other non-solid surfaces are removed and supporting surfaces are primed with hz primer. Previously painted surfaces should be primed with hz primer. Hz acoustic panels are fully glued with flexible tile adhesive, and a notched trowel with 6-10 mm notches is used, depending on the evenness of the supporting surface. The adhesive is pressed into the glass wool sheet, and the sheets are glued together with an offset of at least 15 cm. Hz fill is used on all joints of panels. Read the supplier’s instructions.

At 20 degrees Celsius and 50% RH, the fill for joints and holes is dry after 1 hour, and can then be sanded with a drywall polisher connected to a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning can then be carried out the same day.

For information on safety during transport, storage, handling and disposal, see the Safety Data Sheet for the product. The above statements, including particular suggestions for the processing and use of our product, are based on our knowledge and experience in normal cases and assume that the products are stored and used correctly. Due to different materials, supporting surfaces and working conditions, no general guarantee can be given for the outcome or adhesion. It is the responsibility of the user of the products at all times to verify their suitability for the purpose.

Hz System R – 30 mm

Hz System R – 50 mm

Hz System R – Hz Acoustic panel 027+
– with 20 mm insulation

Hz System R – Hz Acoustic panel 029+
– with 20 mm insulation

Hz System R
Hz Acoustic panel 001 with Hz Acoustic plaster 09 – with 30 mm insulation

Hz System R
Hz Acoustic panel 007 with Hz Acoustic plaster 09
– with 50 mm insulation

Hz System R
Hz Acoustic panel 027+ with Hz Acoustic plaster 09