What is Hz Acoustic?

Behind the company, Hz Acoustic is the entrepreneur, enthusiast and Norwegian on Danish soil, Helge Hansen. With 15 years’ experience in the acoustics industry, he set out in 2015 to create acoustic solutions with respect for aesthetics.

The idea was to create a sustainable and quality alternative to the many visible and inflexible acoustic tiles on the market. This has been successfully achieved. The many references show that Helge’s idea hit the mark. Today Hz Acoustic sells the beautiful and sustainable acoustic plaster systems in Denmark and abroad.

With Helge at the helm, Hz Acoustic is constantly developing new products for new needs – today and in the future. As well as improving acoustics, the company is passionate about improving the lives of people – people who are challenged in life and who need to learn and develop themselves. That’s why the company is also happy to take on trainees and people in flexible jobs. For Helge and Hz Acoustic, taking social responsibility is a matter of course.